Thursday, 27 September 2012

Hello, I'm other Laura, (Laura S) !
I started off crafting pretty young, my grandparents were a major influence starting me off with potato printing and collage and steadily helping me explore materials such as wood, fabric and really anything else that came to hand. I studied 3D design at uni and really loved working with form and sculptures, finally specialising in ceramics. I like textures and patterns it's pretty much what drives me, I tend to draw, sketch and print before designing sufaces to take on the patterns. I cant resist bright colours well that and sparkly things!! I'm such magpie!
My latest crafty adventure started a year ago when I moved to BEAUTIFUL Bradford on Avon. Incentives from friends expecting a new arrival stated me on the path to knitting with a clear goal. Make something special, that will last and hasn't been mass produced. I took this on with gusto and from this not only had fabulous little outfits but have made some amazing friends! I can't resist new materials, a challenge or trying something new. So from that quiet knitting promise, i've ventured into felting, needle felting, designing, teaching and making so much more...

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