Thursday, 2 May 2013

Wonderwool Wales 2013

This was my 3rd Wonderwool Wales and it was just as awesome as all the other years! Tropical temperatures compared to last year also. Unless you are getting out of the tent at 2am to find the toilets...

Lets compare last years wake up in the tent:

And this years:

Much happier!!!

So... Other Laura and I left about 8:15, and arrived just after 10:30 at the Royal Welsh Showground in Bullith Wells, Wales. After putting up the tent we headed up to Wonderwool with Helen, Paula, Debs, Bry and puppies Dexter and Oscar.

Soon after this Laura and I made our first purchase of a Wonderwool bag (proceeds to the Welsh Air Ambulance - £700 was raised over the weekend!)

Note my lovely badge from the awesome Rock and Purl - Ruth! Thanks lovely, I promise to cast on Chambourcin soon!!!

I bought a sock book which in all honesty I want to knit all but one pattern!

I parted with far too much money from the amazing Hilltop Cloud (but sooo worth it!!!!):

I was determined to buy some unusual fibres this year too:

Top from left to right is corn, yak and tencel. Bottom left to right is vicuna (yes, vicuna!!!!), banana, ramie (nettles!) and llama.

Mmm vicuna.

Thats a vicuna. Apparently theh are only allowed to be shorn once every 2-3 years, and don't produce much fibre.

Ooo! I bought some yarn too.

Its called "Slither-In" :D

I actually already had it clutched in my sweaty paws before finding out the colourway name! Beautiful dye from Easyknits.

Who had an awesome photo booth thing:

:D I'm a sheep!!!!

And then we had the Flock evening event on the Saturday which was really fun. And we got goodie bags!!!

Lastly I shall show you my business purchases:

Woop woop!

And then on the Monday I got my present from myself (coz I'm worth it!!!)

A trindle!!!!!! Weee! Rosewood shaft and malachite beads :D yum!

And here he is less nakey (I think I'll name him Tobias):



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Thursday, 25 April 2013


I love sock washing days...


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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Thank you :)

The wonderful Good Purl Gone Bad has nominated us for a Liebster blog award! Hurrah! Now I'm not entirely sure what it involves exactly, but there were some questions to answer, so here goes!

Where do you find inspiration outside of the blogosphere?
Generally from Jumble Jelly, where I work in the shop one day a week and teach knitting and spinning classes. I also attend the Wednesday evening knit and natter, which is always a fabulous source of inspiration. Chatting to the customers about what they are making, or planning to make, watching colour combinations and seeing works in progress... What could be better inspiration?

What book would you recommend to someone starting out in dress-making?
I have a couple of books, but I've mostly just practiced sewing in straight lines, and taken a couple of the sewing workshops with Alexa at Jumble Jelly. So I'm afraid I don't have any recommendations!

What’s your favourite sewing gadget other than machine, overlocker and iron?
The seam ripper!!! In fact, I've misplaced it at the moment, and its making me feel a bit shakey!

Where do you sew? Or where would you like to sew?

This is a corner of my dining room, dedicated to my sewing machine. The boxes underneath the table are full of fabrics and patterns. To cut out i use the living room floor which is quite large!

If you had a guaranteed new start in a new craft or hobby (with time, talent, supplies etc) which would you choose to learn?
Oh wow, I already knit, crochet, spin and sew... I've always wanted to try lace making, it looks fascinating and can produce so wonderful items! And then I could use them to edge things!

What’s your favourite fabric to work with?
I've only worked with cottons so far...

What do you want to make next?
I'd like to try a dress for myself, and I'm booked on to a new workshop at Jumble Jelly to make a tunic dress, so watch this space!

Who do you like to sew for?
Me!! Haha, since I live on my own, and have no small people... Me!

What sewing magazines, if any, do you read?
I don't I'm afraid, I'm so terribly boring!

What sewing processes are easier than you expected?
Making pleats! They are so much easier than gathers, and I think they suit me better too :)

Now I'm supposed to tag some other bloggers and ask some questions of my own... But I'm going to be even more boring and say I don't really read blogs, just the ones that pop up on my Ravelry friends feed when I remember to check it!

Here is one of my favourite skirts I've made :D


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Monday, 8 April 2013


So I keep losing my knitting mojo. I start projects and can't finish them. I'm really struggling! I have so much beautiful yarn and fibre, and I can't commit to anything.

I try changing things up, so I played with my sewing machine and made a skirt.

That kickstarted me for about a week and I knit two pairs of baby socks.

But now I've lost my mojo again, and I'm sitting on the sofa feeling quite sad that I don't want to knit :( I musn't force it though... But I want to do something!!!

In other news... I've been playing hairdresser. At the start of the year my hair looked like this:

Then it magically turned red:

Then two weeks ago it lost some length:

And then this weekend it lost even more length!!!

I think this is a nice length now! I might stay here for a while :D

And I cut it myself!!!



Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Nightie nightie - pyjama pyjama!

I've been playing with my new sewing machine! I'm sad that Madelline (all my large crafting tools get names, they work better that way!) doesn't get as much use as I'd like. This working full time business is just too time consuming!

I made myself some pj bottoms!

Its a very simple pattern from Simplicity. So simple only a really silly person (like a Miss Elle) could mess it up...

Ok, so I didn't mess up so much. I just neglected to mark which was the front and which was the back. Just means I have to try them on a few times to work it out!

Its not the best picture in the world! But can you see the fabric is covered in sheep?!?!

And they are flanelette, so nice and fuzzy and warm :)

Perfect for my no-buying-new-clothes-for-a-whole-year!


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Sunday, 24 March 2013


Starting with a little kit from Marigold Green (find her page on Facebook for more of her adorable needle felted creations) and a cup of hot squash, I was all ready for a Decorate an Easter Egg workshop at Jumble Jelly.
Naomi is an excellent tutor, full of vibrance and fun. She has been needle felting for about a year, and has created it into a successful business for herself, taking on comissions and now teaching.
Naomi had done the hardwork for us by creating the core of the egg using jacob fleece, and we then used mostly merino wools to cover the eggs with.
Being me, I of course wanted to make mine Slytherin. Whilst everyone else was going for bright fun colours, I chose a dark grey to cover my egg. I wrapped it around and started stabbing away!

Here is my grey egg! With some interesting luck I did not stab myself!!! Hurrah!!!!
Then came to create a snake to wrap around my egg. I used some dark green merino and rolled it into a sausage shape, and lightly felted it before I wrapped it around the egg.
I wanted it to be almost 3D, so I stabbed the snake just enough to attach it to the egg. I got a good wiggle on it too :D

I had trouble trying to needle felt a tongue... And then I spotted fabric glue glitter on the shelf :D
So he has a pink glitter tongue, and silver glitter zig zags! I love him very much.
Naomi was incredibly encouraging throughout the whole process, spending plenty of time with each of us. She discussed various ways of shaping, and why we had two different needles. Naomi is very knowledgable and enthusiastic.
I highly recommend a needle felting course with Naomi at Jumble Jelly! You'll have plenty of fun!
Future workshops with Naomi at Jumble Jelly include gnome homes (toadstools) and alien pincushions. Check out the workshop schedule at Jumble Jelly
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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year!

Miss Elle saw the new year in with Laura W, and random drunk texts from Laura S which was very funny.

The evening started with a kitten trying to get into my shoe, which is always hilarious. And then involved glittery nail varnish, chick flicks and goal planning! Crafty goals include to knit at least 3 cardigans/jumpers for myself this year. Other goals include learn to ride a bike and run a 5K!

After watching the London fireworks on TV, and drinking peppermint tea, there was sleeping, and then waking back up and going for a walk!

We walked to Avoncliff and back along the canal towpath, as the riverside walk was a mudbath and had turned into lakes in places!

The river was flowing fast and looked quite scary, especially around the weir at Avoncliff:

There is a viaduct at Avoncliff, were the canal goes over the river on a bridge, and its a great place to stand for pictures:

What a beautiful day!

And of course, it wouldn't be a post from Miss Elle without one of these:

A duck!

Anyway, the walk is approximately 3 miles, possibly more with all the swerving I did to try to avoid puddles :P

It was a great start to the year, lets keep it full of positivity and light!

Happy 2013 everyone!

- The Three Belle Elles