Thursday, 2 May 2013

Wonderwool Wales 2013

This was my 3rd Wonderwool Wales and it was just as awesome as all the other years! Tropical temperatures compared to last year also. Unless you are getting out of the tent at 2am to find the toilets...

Lets compare last years wake up in the tent:

And this years:

Much happier!!!

So... Other Laura and I left about 8:15, and arrived just after 10:30 at the Royal Welsh Showground in Bullith Wells, Wales. After putting up the tent we headed up to Wonderwool with Helen, Paula, Debs, Bry and puppies Dexter and Oscar.

Soon after this Laura and I made our first purchase of a Wonderwool bag (proceeds to the Welsh Air Ambulance - £700 was raised over the weekend!)

Note my lovely badge from the awesome Rock and Purl - Ruth! Thanks lovely, I promise to cast on Chambourcin soon!!!

I bought a sock book which in all honesty I want to knit all but one pattern!

I parted with far too much money from the amazing Hilltop Cloud (but sooo worth it!!!!):

I was determined to buy some unusual fibres this year too:

Top from left to right is corn, yak and tencel. Bottom left to right is vicuna (yes, vicuna!!!!), banana, ramie (nettles!) and llama.

Mmm vicuna.

Thats a vicuna. Apparently theh are only allowed to be shorn once every 2-3 years, and don't produce much fibre.

Ooo! I bought some yarn too.

Its called "Slither-In" :D

I actually already had it clutched in my sweaty paws before finding out the colourway name! Beautiful dye from Easyknits.

Who had an awesome photo booth thing:

:D I'm a sheep!!!!

And then we had the Flock evening event on the Saturday which was really fun. And we got goodie bags!!!

Lastly I shall show you my business purchases:

Woop woop!

And then on the Monday I got my present from myself (coz I'm worth it!!!)

A trindle!!!!!! Weee! Rosewood shaft and malachite beads :D yum!

And here he is less nakey (I think I'll name him Tobias):



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