Saturday, 22 December 2012

Miss Elle had a birthday!

Some time ago now, I had a birthday and turned 29. The two Lauras came round with a Pat and we ate jelly, and played board games. I was totally spoilt! There is a gorgeous grey jumper (with angora in it!!!) with a bat on it from Laura W, and she made me a little sparkly bat too! Laura S and Pat got me a Sparky dog toy (Frankenweenie) after I loved the film sooo hard!

The following day the two Ls and I abducted Mini Jumble (that would be Jumble Jelly's daughter) and went to Trowvegas to paint pottery! Oh what fun we had!

Laura W chose a cat bowl as she now has a kitten!!! Mini Jumble chose a frog. Laura S chose a milk jug, and I decided upon the biggest jug ever!!!

Can you tell which one is mine?! Hehe!

A fabulous time was had by all, and we want to go back and do some more!!!

And here is my lovely jug all finished and glazed and fired and living in my kitchen :)

I just need some black roses to live in there now :D


PS: I think I've figured out how to blog from my iPad which is pretty cool - so hopefully there will be more blog posts to read!

PPS: Laura W has moved, and is without interwebs currently. Laura S has been crazy busy with exciting things happening for her for next year!!!

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