Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Miss Elle plays with kool aid part 2!

Yes, I've been playing with kool aid again! This time I had the lovely Mini Jumble as a helper (and also Laura S, but she'll write her own post about this :P). I had 5 skeins to dye (Laura stole one though!), and MJ had 3.

We used the knit and natter room at Jumble Jelly for our fun. We lay out a huge piece of oil cloth, and set up our supplies. This was after the boring part of soaking the yarn, in which we went out in to the town and bought snacks and paintbrushes and vitamin D.

We chose our first colours and yarn. I picked green and red to go on a sparkle yarn, and MJ chose orange and purple. When we mixed the colours the ladies on the workshop in the next room came round to see what the incredibly sweet smells were! I do believe we were intoxicated by the kool aid as things got a little silly.. MJ and I were skipping down the street (or was that before we started?!) to get more snacks later...

I had a bit of an accident with the red... and tipped it over a little bit :P But I think they are looking very effective don't you?

Here are some of the others we did:

I forgot to take pictures of all them!

But this one is awesome... its a sock blank! (What's a sock blank?! Its two strands of sock yarn knit together in a rectangle, you dye it, undo it into two balls and then you knit matching socks :D)

First I dunked it into pink kool aid, and then I dropped blue splodges on it :D Fun fun!

And finally, here they all are after cooking, cooling and rinsing!

And I've enjoyed dyeing so much... I bought some big girl dyes (ie acid dyes) so watch out for my adventures with those soon!

Now Laura... its your turn to tell the story of your skein!


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