Saturday, 29 September 2012

Yarny adventures!

So Miss Elle had to go to the hospital in Bath today (don't worry, its just a vitamin D deficiency, it will all be fixed soon!), and Laura S came along for moral support.

After blood tests and getting scary tablets, they decided to walk to Great British Yarns, which is on Brassmill Lane Industrial Estate... And probably not that far too walk if you don't get lost a couple of times.

Sharon is the owner of GBY, and she is utterly gorgeous and adorable. A warm welcome, a guided tour of the new yarns and snorgles with her puppy, Elle and Laura fondled yarn and sat on the floor making calculations.

Laura in front of YARN!!!!

Laura bought a stunning skein of silk in a pale blue colour. Elle bought 6 balls of Knit Picks Stroll Glimmer in black with silver sparkles. Laura currently has no plans for her yarn, but Elle will be making Chambourcin by Ruth Garcia-Alcantud aka Rock + Purl Girl.

After leaving GBY (thank you Sharon, it was lovely seeing you again!), Elle got Laura lost again.
But they found the river and decided to walk along there to get back to the centre of Bath.

It was a beautiful walk, and rosehips were discovered! Laura is a bit of a forager, and wants to make rosehip syrup this year (watch out for a future blogpost about that!)

Elle dutifully ate her sandwich so there was a bag to put the rosehips in, but Laura is a great make do-er! She found a pair of socks in her bag and used one of those for storage! Class!

Beautiful sights were seen! Elle had lived in Bath for 4 years and had never explored this part of the river, and got rather excited by a split, with an arrow!

All too soon the city centre was found! And our crafty adventurers left for home.

Watch out for more adventures soon!

Elle and Laura S


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